Saturday, September 10, 2022

Announcements and the rest of "The Months" poem by Samuel Collings

 As an Anglophile and a Canadian (Canada is a nation with the monarchy of Great Britain as its head of state), I am deeply saddened by the death of Queen Elizabeth II. There are no words but...

Long Live the King

And as always, life goes on.


I am pleased to announce that my website, has undergone a complete refurbishment and renewal. I hope you will visit and enjoy its fresh, new look. 

There you will also discover the cover reveal of my thirteenth novel, The Tower's Peculiar Visitor. This book will be released on November 15, 2022 by Uncial Press. I love this cover, and I hope you will also!

I thought you might enjoy reading the rest of Samuel Collings' poem, The Months, as it appeared in The Repository of Arts, in August of 1812. It is laboured, and hackneyed, but it gives us a view of what our Regency forebears considered worth reading. The stanza 'August' contains repellent sentiments on the part of the squire, and 'September' is decidedly odd, but it is all interesting nonetheless

THE MONTHS by Samuel Collings, continued from my last post:


    See the reapers, gleaners dining, 
    Seated on the shady grass; 
    O'er the gate the squire reclining, 
    Wanton eyes each ruddy lass.
    Hark--a sound like distant thunder!
    Murd'rer, may thy malice fail!
    Torn from all they love asunder,
    Widow'd birds around us wail. 


    Now Pomona pours her treasure,
    Leaves autumnal strew the ground;
    Plenty crowns the market measure,
    While the mill runs briskly round.

    Now the giddy rites of Comus
    Crown the hunter's dear delight;
    Ah! the year is fleeting from us,
    Bleak the day and drear the night.


    Bring more wood and set the glasses;
    Join, my friends, our Christmas cheer:
    Come, a catch, and kiss the lasses,
    Christmas comes but once a year.
I hope your autumn (or spring!) is unfolding as it should, and all is well with you.
Until next time,