Monday, December 15, 2008

Regency Blogs and Regency Research Websites

There is so much information out there! When I started writing Regencies, every detail of research had to be painstakingly combed out of books--I spent hours with bibliographies, requesting interlibrary loans, and reading book after book. Books on social history, costume, politics, etiquette, and titles were all grist for my mill. Now it couldn't be easier--type a term into a search engine and all the information you could need pops up.

But even better than that are the websites and the blogs full of Regency information. I've been exploring blogs and there are some excellent Regency ones out there; I've listed my favourites on the right hand side of this page, below my blog archive list. Many of these blogs are Jane Austen oriented, but what could be more 'Regency' than that? I particularly enjoy the Vermont Jane Austen Society blog; they really have their ear to the (Regency) ground!

Just this weekend I discovered that long time Regency expert Nancy Mayer now has a website. Nancy has been around in Regency circles for years, answering questions and doing her own research. Now she's making all that work available to all of us. Do visit her website at Another researcher making extensive information available to Regency lovers is Joanna Waugh. Check out her pages at She has a list of Regency links right on her home page that will keep you busy for ages. And don't forget the Jane Austen Centre in Bath if you're looking for information--their on-line magazine is excellent:
And last but certainly not least--Prints George This is a commercial site (and a real laugh, if you like puns, bad or good) selling Regency reference material, but they also have a huge amount of free information. The site can take hours to explore fully, and don't miss 'Jane's Bureau of Information' on the page after 'entering' the site.

I might not get back here before Christmas; in case I don't, I wish you all the best of Christmases and the most wonderful of New Years!

Happy Holidays,