Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Website Up and Running!

I'm so pleased! I finally finished my new website--I think it looks great--and everything is changed over. I had to change servers, and so my address changed, but there is a redirect on my old page so I hope that everyone will find me easily.

New website address:

Please visit soon, and let me know what you think of the redesign. You can email me at

With the new website, there is a new contest. The "Panoramas of England" book was won by Diane from the U.S.A. The new prize is a wonderful out-of-print reference book "Leisure and Pleasure in the 19th Century" by Stella Margetson. If you sign my new guestbook, you will be entered to win this book.

Now that I am finished the website, I will be blogging more frequently. Please subscribe; I'll be talking more soon about the new Jane Austen films that were shown on PBS.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Two big projects

I have two sizeable projects underway right now, and they are limiting my time for blogging and reading.

The first is the complete redesign of my website. I'm very excited about this--it's going to look professional and polished and be much easier to navigate. But...I'm doing it all myself, with help from my teacher and web designer Shakoriel. So it's taking lots of my time, but I enjoy it so much. It's nearly as creative as writing, in a very different way. It also takes blank pages and fills them with interesting things.

My website has always been a reader oriented site. I leave it to others to provide in depth research oriented material; if I did that I would have no time to write books. Instead I try to provide readers with a glimpse of the world of the Regency about which I write. Readers want to know what things and people looked like in Great Britain two hundred years ago, and that I aim to provide.

The header at the top of this page will appear on all my webpages. Shakoriel designed it, and I think it's beautiful. Green is my favourite colour and it predominates on all my, YouTube, and MySpace. Please watch for the launch of my redesigned website; I hope to have it ready by the end of this month--but only time will tell...

My other project is my new full-length Regency 'The Education of Portia'. It is complete now, but still needs another full edit. So I will be spending the next three months on in-depth revision. This is the part of writing I really enjoy; when I finally have the draft down--something to work on--and I can expand and embellish and breathe life into it all.

So you can see, I have my hands full. But I'll be in touch :)