Monday, November 3, 2014

"Dresses of Her Royal Highness The Princess Charlotte" -- the 'trousseau' of a princess

Her Royal Highness the Princess Charlotte of Wales was married on 2nd of May, 1816. The wedding and the royal couple's relationship was subjected to a scrutiny very familiar to us--the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge endure the same press attention every day. 
After the wedding, La Belle Assemblee, the premiere fashion magazine of the day, published--in addition to the report of the wedding--the following article on what today we might call Princess Charlotte's trousseau. The dresses sound astonishingly beautiful, and I hope you enjoy this account of them.

above  The happy couple returning from the Altar after making their marriage vows. This picture appeared in La Belle Assemblee in June of 1816.
A few days after the wedding, Queen Charlotte, the Princess's grandmother held a Drawing-Room. I will blog with La Belle Assemblee's account of the event in a couple of weeks.

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