Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mourning/Memorial Cards

I apologize for being unable to post a new blog this week! I had cataract surgery on Monday, and I hoped I would be able to see well enough to complete the blog I had started last weekend. However....I can't see well yet! So I offer you an article which is posted on my website; one more probably suited to Victorian times but, after all, young Regency folk did become Victorians!

The memorial cards used in this article are taken from a scrap album that came to me from my husband's family--I particularly find fascinating the card which features the young sailor. How terribly evocative it is of the age of sail.

You can read the complete article here

And do please visit agin next week--hopefully, I will be able to see better by then!

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Anne Gallagher said...

I hope you're feeling better Lesley-Anne. Where I'm from in New England, we still use memorial cards (although they're called Funeral cards or sometimes Mass cards.) My mother keeps all her relative's in the family Bible.

Correct me if I'm wrong, in the Regency women were not allowed to go to the funeral, right. Just the men?

Lesley-Anne McLeod said...

Thanks, Anne! I am doing better but won't be able to see well until I get the other eye done. Computer time limited.

It is my understanding that women were discouraged from attending funerals. Presumably they were too sensitive to bear the grief and solemnity! No doubt there were exceptions depending on family and situation.