Monday, November 17, 2008

New Release - The Education of Portia

Well, "The Education of Portia" is at last released, and I have promoted it everywhere I can think of at the moment. I'm in the middle of a rash of on-line chats--one tonight at Romance at Heart, Thursday night at Fallen Angels. It is very satisfying to have a project come to completion, but one always wonders about the changes one could have made, and whether or not the sales will follow on the release.

But it's time to put all that aside and get on with the next project. "Emilina's Conquest" is going back to the editor as soon as I finish writing here; the cover is done (it's wonderful--a charming departure from the last few) and the editing is pretty much finished. It will be released in March.

I've added a new gadget in the right hand column. I'm making a list of other Regency and Jane Austen-related blogs that I have visited. They are well done blogs, worth reading if you love the Regency period. Please let me know if you have visited other blogs that are not on this list. I'd like to include them.

Happy reading!


Janet said...

You are one busy woman! Congrats on the release of Portia, and the completion of the next release. Just finished reading "The Portrait" in your short story collection. Well done! But unfinished - will there be a follow up? Perhaps a full length. I love Clea - and the hint that she has some happiness in her life.
OK, back to work (for me - you, you need a rest)

Lesley-Anne McLeod said...

What an interesting possibility--yes, we might have to check back with Clea again.